Ilona Yusuf, “On Memory”




Four variations on memory, part 1, spread out


Four variations on memory part ii, opened flat (not showing end papers)


View from above



Detail, pages 3 and 4 of part i


Artist: Ilona Yusuf (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Title: On Memory (2012)

Medium/technique(s): monoprint, chine colle

Edition size: unique

Number of pages: 8

Dimensions, open: 3.2″ x 18.7″

Dimensions, closed: 3.2″ x 6.5″


Artist statement:

Although I usually weave text and image, both composed by myself, in my hand made books, the accordion format book On Memory features eight mono-prints without text. These are arranged in two sets of four prints on each side of the book.

The book’s subject grew out of reflections on memory over time, and was triggered by thoughts on aging, particularly because my father was seriously ill for over a year. I found myself thinking of fading images, how memory changes over the years with different states of mind, and how some memories, which may have seemed important then, fade almost completely.

This is a unique book-work on Japanese paper backed by Somerset paper. The pages are bound together with Japanese paper.