TBOOKS COLOGNE, “100 Hügel (100 Hills)”


The book, closed, waiting for a flip-through


An image of a hill



An image of another hill


An image of another hill


An image of another hill


Artist: TBOOKS COLOGNE (Tim) (Köln, Germany)

Title: 100 Hügel (100 Hills) (2013)

Medium/technique(s): photocopy on paper, perfect binding

Edition size:10

Number of pages:103

Dimensions, open: 1.7cm x 21cm x 56cm

Dimensions, closed: 29.7cm x 21cm


Artist statement:

In front of the hill is in front of the hill.
The book contains 100 photocopied drawings of a hill. They are printed in the original size.
The original drawings have been made within on day, using a black colored pencil on paper (A4).
The publication is introduced by a quotation of German author Samuel Meffire:
-Heute schaffe ich es über den Hügel und über den Parkplatz und auch wieder heim.-
-Today I’ll make it across the hill and across the parking lot and even home too.-
Quoting this, enough has been said.
The book is dedicated to Charlie Brown, because he is the mountaineer (hilleer) number one… – and I’m not sure if he has made it across the parking lot or even rudimentally home. (But he climbed the hill quite often.)