Tom Scarpino, “I Started”

Front cover of the book.

Inside pages of the book.

Back cover (left). Back side of the pages. Front cover (right).


Artist: Tom Scarpino (Palo Alto, CA)

Title: I Started

Medium/technique(s): Inkjet prints, double-sided accordion fold

Edition size: Open

Number of pages: 8

Dimensions, open: 2.125″ H x 12″ W

Dimensions, closed: 2.125″ H x 3″ W


Artist Statement:

I Started uses the form of the accordion fold book to illustrate the endless loop we often get caught in trying to change our lives – from the optimistic start, through the gradual slide back into old habits, to the next attempt to get it right. The text of the books starts on the front cover, reads through the inside, around the back cover, across the back side of the folded pages, returning to the front cover to complete (or start again) the story.

The text of the book reads as follow:

[front cover]
I Started

out convinced that, this time, I am finally going to break free of that old, useless habit of mine,

[back cover]
but then gradually, inevitably,

[back side]
my laziness and lack of will leave me right back where

[front cover]
I Started