Jacqueline Rush Lee, “Vascellum”




Rear view


Detail view


Artist:  Jacqueline Rush Lee (Kaneohe, HI)

Title:  Vascellum (from In Media Res series) (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Manipulated book components (books, inks, binding)

Dimensions: 15″ x 17.5″ x 10.5″


Artist statement:

For fifteen years, my work has focused on the book as object, medium and archetypal form. Working to reveal or transform the nature of a book, I am interested in the aesthetic of books as cultural objects that come with their own histories of use and meaning. By using books as a canvas or building block, I transform their formal and conceptual arrangement through a variety of practices and series of works in which the physicality, and thus the context of the books have been altered. I am interested in articulating visually that which cannot be articulated consciously; creating evocative works that are cerebral with emotional depth.

Remaining open to the physical and metaphorical transformations that occur in my working process, my residual sculptures or installations emerge as a palimpsest – a document that bears traces of the original text within its framework but possesses a new narrative as a visual document of another time.

I consider all of the book art that I have made within the last fifteen years, in media res; forever in the middle, beginning or end of the story. Vascellum refers to a tunnel form book and was conceptually and graphically inspired by its core text: Paul Monka’s Meditations In Universe. This work investigates the graphic, conceptual and auditory nature of books in the 21st century. Vascellum thus presents itself as a residual vessel of communication into which the viewer projects their own stories and personal histories.