Javiera Pintocanales and Georgina Aspa, “Del viale, el vuelo (From the trip, the flight)”


View of the closed book, folded front cover, and both of the winged covers totally open and unfolded.


View of the semi-open book covers, detail of the feathers that conform it and detail of the double hidden spine of the book.


First six double pages showing original pencil drawings and aquatint etchings.


Last five double pages showing originals of pencil drawings and aquatint etchings.


Detail of images: original pencil drawings on the left column, and original aquatint etchings on the right column.


Artist: Javiera Pintocanales and Georgina Aspa (Barcelona, Spain)

Title: Del viale, el vuelo (From the trip, the flight) (2011)

Medium/technique(s): Etching (aquatint), original pencil drawings, handmade bookbinding, inkjet printed text, winged- cover, cut and assembled by hand

Edition size: 2 original; 5 giclee; 100 offset

Number of pages: 16

Dimensions, open: 64 cm x 16 cm x 1.5 cm

Dimensions, closed: 16 cm x 16 cm x 1.5 cm


Artist statement:

We share a common vision on the conception of a book and its process, and that’s why we work together, each one approaching from its own specialties, Georgina in bookbinding and Javiera in graphic design and etching. We want to create books, in which all of their parts and materials are related with the concept that gives form to it, so the reader can recognize it in every detail. To achieve this, we choose to work with humble materials to transform them into delicate objects that will thrill others, searching to convert the act of reading into a tactile and sensory experience. Our work attempts to give a time and a rhythm to reading, where the paper, the letters, the images, invite the reader to a moment of contemplation. We work on that direction, taking care of the details and manufacture, but most of all, looking for coherence, where concept, design and craft converge.

From the word trip, was this series of definitions born; to write the script of this artist’ book. A series of words that build a sequence through the pages:
from the trip, the flight
from the flight, the wings
from the wings, the feather

This script is the unique text in the book and generates a tour trough the images that illustrate it: a series of original prints and drawings of pairs of wings that end in their minimal element: the feather. Each double page of the book is treated as a unit that presents two versions of the same image in two different languages: engraving and drawing. The images reflect the inherent language of each technique; the line, in the drawing, and the surface in the aquatint engraving. In correspondence with its content, this book is formally a winged object; a book with folded wings. The construction of these wings is designed to be folded and to allow the correct reading of the book. The winged-covers are contained within the perimeter of its measures, and, when extended, double the original size of the book. Thus, from a series of folds we pass from the plane to the volume.

The book constructs two moments by placing as the main character, the object at first, and then, its content. The book as an object, appears when you unfold its wings and so the contents of the book is left in the background; and the second moment (the book as content) occurs when the wings are folded, allowing you to wander through the pages of the book and enjoy the expressive richness of the images. The etchings were hand pulled and hand stamped in double pages where, afterwards, the drawing was directly made. The bookbinding was handmade focusing on hiding all threads and stitches in the unseen spine of the book. Only little cuts were made to place a protective paper between the print and the drawing, that also provides a delicate play with its transparence, slightly hiding one image when focusing on the other.