PD Packard, “The Human Condition”

Front, title cover of the HUMAN CONDITION and inside pages 4-5 showing print & text, The Blue Avatar in accordion display.


Traditional flat, open-book display of inside pages 2-3 of the book, the HUMAN CONDITION, showing print & text, The Lotus Eater.


Traditional flat, open-book display of inside pages 6-7 of the book, the HUMAN CONDITION, showing print & text, Freeman


Back pages of the HUMAN CONDITION – hand calligraphy in sumi-e ink.


Satin bound & printed box book cover for the hand-bound accordion book, the HUMAN CONDITION – Chinese character translation, No (Void) Warfare. Also shown are additional images of inside box book cover & side detail of closed accordion book.


Artist: PD Packard (Brooklyn, NY)

Title: the HUMAN CONDITION (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Drypoint, collagraph, embossing, chine colle, oil on kozo and BFK

Edition size: Unique work

Number of pages: 8

Dimensions, open: 24″h x 24″w x 8 feet – up to 15 feet

Dimensions, closed: 24″ x 24″ x 3″


Artist Statement:

A storyteller through my prints, watercolors and hand-bound books, I have become driven to express the principles of unconditional love – not conditional romance. The elaborately hand-bound accordion book of prints, the HUMAN CONDITION, advises not to war with the human condition but to stand face to face with love.

The principles for the inside text and prints for the book, the HUMAN CONDITION: The Lotus Eater illustrates that although there may be a state of indifference in ones thought, do not distance yourself from love. The Blue Avatar suggests that if one could dust out their heart and love, there would be a change of consciousness.  Freeman! conveys that one may feel trapped by the human condition, but do not accept failure before giving success an opportunity.

My prints, watercolors and hand-bound books illustrate, in abstract concepts, what I believe is important about unconditional love that creates this place I call “nest”, a refuge that can be found no matter where you are physically or mentally.