Hanne Niederhausen, “Ur-Sprouts / Lost Evolutions”


Book closed, brushed aluminum cover


Book opened up to title page


Detail of artwork page four


Example of page spread


Example of page spread


Artist: Hanne Niederhausen (Boca Raton, FL)

Title: Ur-Sprouts / Lost Evolutions (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Graphite / water-media drawings inkjet printed on coated Dura-Lar Polyester film. Interleaves are Ingres paper and Silver Sheen. Brushed aluminum hardcover with metal hinges, post binding.

Edition size: 3

Number of pages: 18

Dimensions, open: 13.25 x 25 x 1.5″

Dimensions, closed: 13.25 x 17.25 x 0.5″


Artist statement:

For this book the classical concept of the Wunderkabinett has been transformed into a contemporary style. Pages and text challenge the viewer’s perception and blur the lines between reality and illusion. They force one to question what is true and what is not:

“In the late 1820’s, renowned paleontologist Amadeus Cornelius Sprout (1789 – 1855) discovered a sequence of imprints in sedimentary rocks, that he believed showed an early and giant form of caernorhabditis elegans (roundworms). He was convinced that the large roundworms were destroyed by some worldwide catastrophe. He made a series of detailed sketches of his discoveries, being unable to remove the large slabs of sandstone from a remote quarry. Unfortunately, due to a small earthquake, the quarry collapsed, and the slabs disappeared. That discouraged him from publishing his  findings. Colleagues and friends, who saw his drawings, were not impressed, and called them ‘Drawings of Ur-Sprouts’’, alluding to the paleontologist’s own name.”