NASTYNASTY (Emiliano Biondelli & Valentina Venturi), “Ordinary ’90s Playgame”


Scanned pictures (found footage)


Scanned pictures (found footage)


Scanned pictures (found footage)


Scanned pictures (found footage)ordinary-90s01-spread05

Scanned pictures (found footage)


Artist: Emiliano Biondelli (Ravenna, Italy)

Title: Ordinary ’90s Playgame (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Photography, self-published as blisterZine

Edition size: 150

Number of pages: 40

Dimensions, open: 15 x 21 x 0.7 cm


Artist Statement:

19 pictures of an ordinary American middle class day, bought in a flea market, they are a kind of archeological evidence of the archaic and Victorian WASP. These pictures demonstrate that the middle class provided a conception of itself very close and similar to the advertisement photographies of the ’80s which in some way shook the middle class identity and the white economy image.

NASTYNASTY is Biondelli Emiliano and Valentina Venturi. Active since 1998. their work always includes photography and its grammar. In an attempt to represent the world around them inevitably they find themselves in the middle of unfulfilled symbolic trips where the environment and the characters portrayed are surreal and in some way psychedelic. Self published books. photography and videography are the project areas where NASTYNASTY moves and experiments.