Gabriela Laura Nafissi, “Reencarnaciones”


Rigattieri´s artistic picture of his sculpture “La herida original” (The Original Blessure) based on the story of the same name by Gabriela Nafissi.


Rigattieri´s artistic picture of his sculpture “Fantasma” based on the story of the same name by Gabriela Nafissi.


Pictured: the book; CD with original music by Andrés Ceccarelli; DVD with the short film “Reencarnaciones” by Ramiro Navarro; photo of the sculpture “ Ayyampan” by Guillermo Rigattieri inspired by Gabriela Nafissi´s story of the same name; bottles of wine “Touché” created by Marcelo Pelleriti for this project.


Rigattieri´s sculpture “La Tormenta” (The storm) based on Gabriela Nafissi´s story “Touché”.

Video includes songs created by Andrés Ceccarelli for the stories, sculptures and drawings by Guillermo Rigattieri, installations by Andrea Cazorla and Jimena Caraguel, performances by Melisa Nafissi, Clara Nicosia and Belita Lombardi, and rewrites by Titi Lucena Aymon and Maya García.


Artist: Gabriela Laura Nafissi (Mendoza, Argentina)

Title: Reencarnaciones (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Offset printing. Five Photomontage pictures made with the sculptures specially created for this project by the artist Guillermo Rigattieri, an envelope with CD of 9 original songs composed by the musician Andres Ceccarelli, a DVD by Ramiro Navarro, an original picture of the sculpture “Ayyapam” signed by the artist.

Edition size: 1,000

Number of pages: 116

Dimensions, open: 25 cm x 50.5 cm x 1.7 cm

Dimensions, closed: 25cm x 25 cm x 1.7cm


Artist statement:

This artist’s book is born of a simple concept – for creation to come from words. Gabriela Nafissi’s offer was of inviting four artists to interpret her stories and invent their own interpretation of each one. The book includes the individual vision and work of the four artists. Andrés Ceccarelli created nine songs, one for every story. Guillermo Rigattieri created drawings, sculptures and digital art from photographs taken of the sculptures and electronically enhanced. In addition the book includes a signed photograph of one of the sculptures. Ramiro Navarro created a short film. Laura Silberberg designed the book and created the cover design.

When Gabriela Nafissi decided to write Reincarnations she wanted to see the words mutate. The deep magical environments spun by this Psychologist were intended to be rewritten in the exchange of artistic disciplines. Guillermo Rigattieri’s collaborations, including the sketches that reveal his creative path towards the final sculptures (translated into drawings and digital art); Andrés Ceccarelli composing and recording the music for each text; and Ramiro Navarro with his short film; give to this art work the dynamics of one, or rather, several magnetic rivers. This way the reader – or more accurately “participant” – will travel through reading “Love Esrián”,  “The corner of the four winds”, and “The original Blessing”, between others, in a cosmos warmed and bewitched by harmonies and images. The work of art offers you a game, of chess if you will, playing with daring, fundamental issues. In the new playful frame that the authoress brings, the journey lends itself to so many ends that the reader, one who dares to travel, can open. (Mario Araniti)