Anna Mavromatis, “Summer Altar”

Front view: fully opened


Back view


Views at 2 different stages of opened display


Artist: Anna Mavromatis (Houston, TX)

Title: Summer Altar (2013)

Medium/technique(s): monotypes assembled into a concertina structure

Dimensions, open: 14 x 17 x 4″

Dimensions, closed: 14 x 4 x .5″


Artist Statement:

The narrative in my work is often about attempts to re-establish connection with people, situations, beliefs and roots long lost or suddenly interrupted. It is a quest to revisit unresolved encounters, reach previously missed understandings or simply express emotions without the use of words.

Using mostly paper, my work is often a “marriage” of traditional printmaking techniques and digitally generated imagery. Patterns, textures, legends and places associated with my childhood and heritage are often integrated in the visual narrative. My paper sculptures contain an open ended “thought” and their design and structure reflect my years of studying, training and working in the fantasy world of fashion.

Summer Altar was conceived while looking through my portfolio of monotypes. Something about the colors and the intensity expressed in the markings brought to memory past summers visiting my homeland. The night hours spent with my siblings revisiting family history, the drama and comedy played in far away times that have shaped us, becoming our common memories’ landmarks.

Summer Altar gives a tangible image to the feelings and emotions generated during those talks many-many summers ago…