Norberto Marrero Pírez, “Un Cuento de Hadas (A Fairy Tale)”

Wrapper, closed


Wrapper, open






Artist: Norberto Marrero Pírez (Guanabo, Cuba)

Title: Un cuento de hadas (A Fairy Tale) (2012)

Medium/technique(s): tunnel book with woodcuts illuminated with watercolor

Edition size: 5

Dimensions, open: 9.13 x 23 x 4.4 inches

Dimensions, closed: 11 x 9.25 x .75


Artist Statement:

Un cuento de hadas (A Fairy Tale) is a story about the dream of freedom, is the story of a king who does not believe in his reign because freedom is their deepest and coveted desire.

. . . is the story of a man, tired of being king, who chose to embrace the dream of freedom and not to become enchanted by the dazzling brightness and pettiness in other currencies.