Erin Mallea, “Everything in my Wallet”

Accordion overview


Detail, faux leather cover


Page spread


Page spread


Page spread


Artist: Erin Mallea (Boise, ID)

Title: Everything in my Wallet

Medium/technique(s): Accordion book with faux-leather exterior and archival inkjet print

Edition size: Unique Work

Dimensions, open: 3.625 x 40”

Dimensions, closed: 3.625 x 5.125 x .5”


Artist Statement:

My work stretches across disciplines including bookmaking, painting, drawing, installation, design, and public art. Despite this variety of media, time, and memory, history are conceptual threads that unite much of my work. Books have long been utilized to communicate and archive information and human narratives. Everything in my Wallet is derived from this history. The accordion book is a typology of exactly what its title suggests – every item that was in my wallet on a particular day. For me, bookmaking is a compelling medium because it blurs and questions traditional notions of “art”. It highlights the exchange between creator, art object, and viewer. Everything in my Wallet emphasizes the existence of the historian in the creation of the archive and consequently the writers and voices of much larger histories and philosophies. While the objects in my wallet appear mundane, these fragments of daily life offer a momentary glimpse into an individual’s personal history. The items in my wallet are in flux, yet the accordion page captures a specific instant within my personal experience. Everything in my Wallet is an unconventional history book – a collapsible and portable personal museum.