Louise Levergneux, “Perception”

Shown is the film container opened with the title page of the book. The film container reminds us of the vintage film reels of the ’50s and ’60s which kept family memories. The mirror is for the reader to view his/her own story through time.


The container is shown opened with some of the individual photo and song pages outside the container. The pages can be mixed or replaced in order by dates of the songs and/or photos (on the verso side of each photo the year and location of the particular photo is written.)


A closer look at some of the individual photo pages depicting time passing.


A detail of a page showing song, title, composer, release date and the name ‘Louise’ as it is mentioned in the song “Hey! Louise” by Neil Diamond. “Louise” is the only part of the lyrics represented from each song.


The release dates of each song illustrates time passing as the viewer reads through the individual pages resembling a 45 RPM record.


Artist: Louise Levergneux (Salt Lake City, UT)

Title: Perception

Medium/technique(s): Created in Photoshop and printed digitally on Entrada rag paper with an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Metallic film case and mirror.

Edition size: 8

Number of pages: 36

Dimensions, open: 7 in (18cm) in diameter

Dimensions, closed: 7 in (18cm) in diameter


Artist Statement:

Louise Levergneux is a photographer and book artist who creates limited-edition artists’ books and has participated in national and international book arts exhibitions. Her work incorporates photography as a device that express her interest in the concepts of memory and identity, centering on collecting, storing, and disseminating personal information.

Levergneux’s artists’ book Perception is a photographic documentation inspired by songs with the name ‘Louise’ in their title and the artist’s family album. As a biographical book it also stirs in the reader a personal journey experienced at different moments in her/his own life. Louise uses photographs, songs, composers and release dates as milestones to guide us through reflections of our own story through time.