Narae Kim, “Korea, Korean”

The three different colors of lighting installed under the book.


I changed an Arabic numeral of twenty shapes because I chose twenty people for the inside images.


Enlargement to photo incases of people


Selected people featured inside of my book


Artist: Narae Kim (Chicago, IL)

Title: Korea, Korean

Medium/technique(s): Transparency film, acrylic stick  / Piano Hinge Structure

Dimensions: 5 cm x 5 cm x 55 cm


Artist Statement:

Book Art is a literacy-based art form, and it has multiple pages in sequence. Book Art is not only for artists and writers, but also it can be used in the classroom K-12 because it gives students plenty of construction, drawing, and writing work in one book format. The human experiences may include family issues, pets, travel and love what are all great resources to make a book.  I believe that artistic and literary endeavors complementary. When I work with Book Art, I frequently use technical skills, such as printmaking, graphic programs, drawings, and photos. Lastly, Book Art heals me like Art therapy, and it allows me to communicate with people all over the world.

Korea, Korean is one of my favorite pieces of work because it tells the story of global success of Koreans.  When I started to design this book, I wanted to show representative people of Korea.  I chose movie stars, scientists, sportsmen, and so on, and I also chose some unique genetic illustration images  The structure of the book is a piano hinge, so it can be extended.