Jill Jevne, “Portrait (1993-2012)”

Full view


Panels one and two of the Sequence


Panels three and four of the Sequence


Panels five and six of the Sequence


Background collage detail


Artist: Jill Jevne (Jacobson, MN)

Title: Portrait (1993-2012) (2012)

Medium/technique(s): drawing on collage

Dimensions, open: 24″ x 242″


Artist Statement:

I have a long career as an edition bookbinder.  As a result my work lies in the confluence of book and graphic art.  I use found images and text to illustrate conceptual themes in a historical context.   Portrait (1993-2012) is comprised of 19 years of my personal check registers overlaid with six frames of Muybridge’s horse sequence.   I think Muybridge’s horses and check registers both present “snapshots” that capture the passage of time and motion.