Jessica Henderson, “The Facebook Visual Reference Collection”


Interior detail


Installation view


Installation view


Artist: Jessica Henderson (Roseville, MN)

Title: The Facebook Visual Reference Collection

Medium/technique(s): Digital and screen printing, hard cover multi-section binding

Edition size: 26 but each one-of-a-kind

Number of pages: Ranging in length from 76-412 pages each

Dimensions, open: 6.125″ x approx. 8.5″ x various depths

Dimensions, closed: 6.125″ x 4.374″ x various depths


Artist Statement:

The Facebook Visual Reference Collection consists of 26 handsewn hardcover artist’s books ranging in length from 76 to 412 pages. The books contain page after page of a single Facebook profile picture. The pictures were gathered through random searches and arranged into emerging themes. These themes define the content of each book and include people taking pictures of themselves in mirrors, middle fingers and people with exaggerated mustaches. Through this project I was exploring identity performance on Facebook. Why are these specific themes, actions, and images so prevalent? How does the individual fragment that is one profile photo participate in larger sociological and cultural discussions of representation, individuality and homogeneity?