Scott Helmes, “One Thousand Haiku”



Haiku ‘sequence’ 1


Haiku ‘sequence’ 2


Haiku ‘sequence’ 3


Haiku ‘sequence ‘4’


Artist: Scott Helmes (St. Paul, MN)

Title: One Thousand Haiku (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Letterpress

Edition size: 20 s/d; 2 h/c

Number of pages: 12

Dimensions, open: 7-3/8″h x 14″w x 1/2″d

Dimensions, closed: 7-3/8″h x 7″w x 1″d


Artist Statement:

For the past 40 years I have been an avant garde artist as an avocation. Artistic work was concentrated on forms that took minimal time and space; and could be financed within the context of my professional employment, an architect who had a successful parallel career. This creative artistic outlet produced visual/concrete poetry, mail art, photography, fiction and non-fiction, artist’s books and prints/graphics. My work has been seen and collected world wide, including such locales as Cuba, Turkey, Russia, India, South America, Canada and the Far East.  In addition to producing significant individual work, I also published other artists/poets; arranged performances for experimental sound poetry nationwide; and participated in a myriad of far reaching activities, including being a board member for art/writing organizations.

In December 2010 I retired from my full time architectural career to devote significant time to my myriad of activities and expand my oeuvre as an artist. Consequently I have a studio in the Arts District of NE Minneapolis which facilitates a dynamic range of ventures.

The work I’ve chosen to submit can be described as follows: A book consisting of ten visual haiku poems, one each to a page. Each page is divided into three segments, one segment per line. The poems are bound together, thus enabling the reader to turn one line at a time. This results in one thousand possible poems (10 x 10 x 10), determined by the reader’s actions.