Theresa Harsma, “Landscape Formation II”

Full view




Close detail


Artist: Theresa Harsma (Owatonna, MN)

Title: Landscape Formation II (2013)

Medium/technique(s): deconstructed shareholders annual report, paste paper, waxed linen  Sheets of the report were layered to form a thicker sheet, paste paper made by the artist glued to the back side, sheets were stitched with coptic binding variation into a sculptural form

Dimensions, open: 35″h x 17″w x 15″d


Artist Statement:

This piece is made from a deconstructed shareholders annual report.   The spine was cut off and individual pages were layered with a polymer medium/ water mixture to form a thicker sheet.  These papers naturally wrinkled and were painted with layers of acrylic paint and polymer medium.  The text is still visible through the paint.  Sheets of paste paper made by the artist were glued to the back of these.  The sheets were then stitched into a sculptural form with waxed linen using a coptic stitch variation.

Our economy rises and falls, sinks or swims, based on these abstract numbers neatly arranged in reports like these.  A bible, if you will, of our economic state.  I have rearranged these into organic forms using the colors of earth, water and fire suggesting a new economy based on our natural world by which we all truly sink or swim.