Monica Goldstein, “Half an hour per day”



Drawing in photo frame


Drawing in photo frame II


Drawing in photo frame III


Artist: Monica Goldstein (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Title: Half an hour per day (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Altered Book. Mixed media. Unique book. In the cover I used epoxi mastic and oil. It has a red stone encrusted. The pages are carved. Inside there is a photo frame with photos of drawings and some little texts from my previous unique book “Half an hour per day”.

Dimensions, open: 13.7 x 21.1 x 1.6 inches

Dimensions, closed: 13.7 x  12.1 x  2.3 inches


Artist Statement:

This book is about a possible sense of doing art (first step) and also, facing discussions about the acceptance of technology, it proposes that we can add traditional forms and new technologies instead of opposing them (second step).
* First step:
This project was inspired by a phrase of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s book “Psicomagia” that says:
“I think that each human being must write poetry half an hour per day without worrying about if what he writes is good or bad, would have commercial success or not. The poetry has to be a constant in his life in order to purify ego.”
I changed in my mind “write poetry” by “draw” and I began to draw in a sketch book at most half an hour per day in the way he proposed. I decided that each drawing had to be finished in one session. I also included there some phrases of his book.
* Second step:
I made a selection of the drawings to put them in the photo frame and I worked in the cover with the idea of purification of ego in my mind.