Eva Figueras Ferrer, “Sota la Pluja (Under the Rain)”

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Book details


Artist: Eva Figueras Ferrer (Moià, Barcelona, Spain)

Title: Sota la Pluja (Under the Rain) (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Paper cut

Edition size: Unique

Number of pages:  Cover, three pages with a forest of cut trees.

Dimensions, open: Unfolded 25 x 100 cm

Dimensions, closed: 25 x 25 cm


Artist Statement:

The Art Book titled Under the rain is inspired in a lyric composition of the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu.

Last year, a group of six artists funded Poética Códex. We work on the creation of new contributions in art books. Our proposal is to give tribute and divulgate the work of classical and contemporary poets who, during more than nine centuries, have interruptedly kept research and have veiled for the quality and attachment to the Catalan language. http://poesiaillibres-art.blogspot.com.es/

The chosen poem, “Under the rain”, is the one that follows:

Sota la pluja,
arbres, camí, silenci,
vides llunyanes.
Sense recança, miro
com el meu pas s’esborra.

In English:

Under the rain
trees, road, silence
lives far away.
Without regret, I look
as my step removed.

The art book consists in an accordion book of 25 x 25 cm (unfolded 25 x 100 cm).  It is composed by a cover and three pages with a forest of cut trees.

The book is made using a single paper sheet of 75 cm x 100 cm, folded in three sections.  In the first fold, which compounds the two first sheets of the folder, there are the cover and the cut trees, creating two profundity plans. The last page is plain and sustains the work.