Oscar Fabian Esguerra Peña, “The invisible borders”

Module = Page


Pages dimensional interlocking modules.


Modules intertwined dimensional pages.


Top view inside the book.


Three-dimensional view of the book (assembly process).


Artist: Oscar Fabian Esguerra Peña (Bogotá, Colombia)

Title: The invisible borders (2012)

Medium/technique(s): Drawing, painting, photography, collage, on paper

Edition size: N/A

Number of pages: 40

Dimensions, open: 120 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm

Dimensions, closed: 44 cm x 24 cm


Artist Statement:

The invisible borders argument warns me that communication with others is only possible up to certain limits and that there is always inherent ignorance of the other. The level can be explained by the dynamics of its own history, its principles and its tracks. It involves complex proposals, not facile from the practical and conceptual. This entails valid, from the initial idea (embryonic) going through the process, until the final result (concept = work). Individual interaction involves (unfold), social, globalize.  Represents  traditional  ruptures.  It involves the tradition of thought meet to generate new structures of thought. It is having ability to “act” in front of the medium (environment) with all the elements required (life-death). It involves the organizing capacity of the proposal (work) that is a complex construct consisting of several elements articulators.

Cognitive aspects = education concept

Emotional aspects = be

Ethical Issues = only

Technological aspects = knowledge

Aspects of information = communication

Aspects of = thinking skills

Aspects of implementation strategy = Development aspects…

It involves defining the work always in a social cultural context. It involves joint work from the basics (think, read, write, communicate …) to reach higher levels (research, discriminating, reasoning, abstract, hypothesize, synthesize, infer, think holistically, step into the shoes of the other, good living, dying to know, but …….. and meanwhile can “breathe” have the ability to articulate and confront life (survival) with transversal actions.  Being  featured  in a different historical process yesterday. By corresponds therefore be dominated concepts to ensure good communication difficulty thinking for future thinkers “artists of the future.”

The book is made with considering calling dimensional shape in its entirety.

The book originates from a module that plays a role is optional complementing both reading the same as the way in which well you can make a quick read linking their information and three-dimensional shapes without restricting the observer’s visual reading (Reader) invited to take a tour, a “reading” recreational carrying a scenario (story) to another pose an interaction “Dialogic” a coexistence between the reader and the book.