Tommaso Durante, “Limes”







Artist: Tommaso Durante (Warrandyte, Australia)

Title: Limes

Medium/technique(s): Paper

Edition size: 15 + 6 Proofs

Number of pages: 92

Dimensions: open: 8.375″ x 17.037″

Dimensions: closed: 8.375″ x 8.375″ x 0.787″


Artist Statement:

Limes was inspired by a visual and philosophical journey I took to Aotearoa (The Land of the Long White Cloud), New Zealand. At Rotoru Hell’s Gate I collected a series of digital images that were so strongly reminiscent of Dante’s Divine Comedy, particularly his Inferno, Canto III, that they remained with me long after the journey ended. Beyond Dante’s allegorical description of sin and virtue, I have always been impressed by the aptness of his medieval meditation of current discourses around the ‘liquid time’ and ethics of the New Global Economy which characterize our own epochal experience of global transformation. For me Dante’s Divine Comedy is a truly political and ante litterram global book whose warning that ‘the darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis’ today rings truer than ever. In this context, it is worth noting the ancient Latin word limes – a fortified boundary, and a delimiting system of ancient Rome, as well as a passage – can help us across the spatial, temporal, and cultural boundaries dividing Dante’s Middle Ages from our Global Age.