Ipek Duben, “Namus/Honor”

NAMUS is a Turkish word for honor.


Consensual ritual killing of young people who fall in love. In this case the boy asked for her family’s consent which was refused. Consequently her brother was assigned to kill both of them. Inside the star: “Bloody End To Pure Love”


The Afghani girl was attacked by her brother with an ax cutting her face and neck, because she had “‘dishonored” her family by running away with a man to whom she was not married.


A stressed police officer killed his wife of many years claiming that he guessed their second child was from another man.


Back cover


Artist: Ipek Duben (Istanbul, Turkey)

Title: Namus/Honor (2013)

Medium/technique(s): felt, cotton duck, thread, wire, ink stamp, photo transfer hand-stitched collage

Edition size: 2

Number of pages: 13

Dimensions, open: 33 x 43 cm

Dimensions, closed: 33 x 21 (25 with wire) x 3.50 cm


Artist Statement:

Namus/Honor is a hand made book containing documentary material about honor killings and domestic violence in Turkey and other countries like India, USA, Guatamala etc. The documents cut out from newspapers are kept in their original language. The earliest case is from 1998, they continue up to the present.