Laura Davidson, “Ebony Pencil Box”

This image shows a walnut box that houses an accordion book and a paper model of an Ebony pencil. The lid of the box holds a silverpoint drawing on a gesso ground.


This image is a 6 page accordion book with silverpoint on ground drawings on paper with a light ink wash to show the wood of the sharpened pencils. The paper is Rives and Magnani Pescia. The pages are bound with ribbon.


Artist: Laura Davidson (Boston, MA)

Title: Ebony Pencil Box (2012)

Medium/technique(s): silverpoint on paper bound with ribbon, in a walnut box with silverpoint details on the lid and paper model of a pencil

Edition size: N/A

Number of pages: 6

Dimensions, open: 7″ x 7.75″ x .25″

Dimensions, closed: 7.5″ x 2″ x 1.25″


Artist Statement:

Ebony 6325 Pencils are the pencils of my youth. No pencil draws a blacker black line, or has as much variation in tonal quality. I have a precious few pencils left that I’ve saved from the 1960’s. Some of these are the ones my Dad brought home from his work as a detailer at Studebaker’s and later, Ford Motor Company for me to use. I use them almost daily. When creating this book, a homage to a lifetime of drawing with familiar tools, I chose to work with silverpoint, a permanent line that doesn’t smudge the way an ebony pencil line would. Silverpoint, over time as it tarnishes, becomes a warm dark line. I chose to portray these pencils in their different states of sharpness, all of which I use for various kinds of drawing. In the box, there is a paper model, also in silverpoint, of my last unsharpened pencil.