Steven Daiber, “La Espera: The Wait”

Cover with image by Janette Brossard


Jamie Rodríguez Cunill, Orlando Montalbán Rodríguez,


Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Yilian Marie Torres Gómez


Liudmila López Dominguez, Ibrahim Miranda


Lisbet Corvo Alderete, Adislen Reyes Pino


Artist: Steven Daiber (Florence, MA)

Title: La Espera: The Wait (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Lithography, silkscreen, linocut, woodcut on Japanese Kozuke Ivory, Cover: blue Kyoseishi Sora

Edition size: 30

Number of pages: 32

Dimensions, open: 7.25 x 18.25 x .25 inches

Dimensions, closed: 32.75 inches


Artist Statement:

La Espera is collaboration with 17 Cuban printmakers: Adislen Reyes Pino, Alejandro Sainz Alfonso, Aliosky García Sosa, Angelmaidelín Calzadilla Fernández, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Ibrahim Miranda, Jamie Rodríguez Cunill, Janette Brossard Duharte, Jesús Reyes Romeu (Chucho), Lisbet Corvo Alderete, Liudmila López Dominguez, Luis Lamothe Duribe, Norberto Marrero Pírez, Orlando Montalbán Rodríguez, Yilian Marie Torres Gómez, Yordanis Garcia Delgado.

The essay is by Janette Brossard

La Espera has been the most complicated book to create of the three- Poder, Privacidad and La Espera. Starting in February 2012 I sent 2 models to Cuba along with a DVD of instructions. The papers was shipped from Japan to Canada and then to me in the States where it took 6 months to find a friend to hand deliver it to the artists in December.  This February I met with a few artists, asking Hanoi Perez and Norberto Marrero to oversee the product of La Espera. The ages of the artists range from Jamie Rodriguez in his early 70’s to Yillian Torres in her early twenties.

Each of the three books requires a binding that implies the theme of the book. La Espera, The Wait is a book that needs flexibility. One can not be ridge waiting in Cuba weather it is for political change or the daily colas that everyone endures while waiting for food, your turn at the bank or on a Sunday afternoon waiting in line for 2 hours at Copula to have an ice cream.


Aquí habitamos la espera desde el amanecer con la ebullición de las cafeteras. Durante el día cabalgamos la espera para movernos de un sitio a otro. Luego saltamos de una espera a otra, haciendo de las colas un territorio habitual donde ensayamos todas las conductas posibles.  La espera acompañada de la esperanza genera una fuerza vital arrasadora, pero cuando la espera es un letargo inútil, la voluntad se quiebra y la razón se pierde.

Here we inhabit the wait from our coffeepots boiling as dawn breaks. During the day we ride the wait to move from one place to another. Then we hop off one wait on another, transforming waiting lines into the well-known territory where we rehearse every possible behavior.  The wait accompanied by hope generates a devastating vital force, but when the wait becomes a useless lethargy, then will is broken and reason is lost.

– Janette Brossard

Esperar puede ser de la esperanza el acto más pasivo, sin embargo cuando emprender no puede ocupar todo el espacio de nuestra ansiedad esperar puede ser la lágrima que bebemos para continuar.

Waiting can be the most submissive act of hope; however when action cannot surrender our anxiety, waiting can be the tear we drink to continue.

– Anyelmiadelien Calzadilla Fernández