Joyce Cutler-Shaw, “Orbital Loops”




Artist: Joyce Cutler-Shaw (San Diego, CA)

Title: Orbital Loops (2011)

Medium/technique(s): Slide Book, inkjet prints mounted on museum board

Edition size: 25

Number of pages: N/A

Dimensions, open: 4.75″ x 11.5″ x 2.25

Dimensions, closed: 4.75″ x 7.25″ x 0.375″


Artist Statement:

My works are multi-media, including drawings, installations, public projects and artists books. Drawing is at the heart of my work – drawing as a way of knowing, as a mode of inquiry, as a visual language. Language images and word as image have informed my works from the onset; such as word sculptures, from large iconic SHE and HE in metal; to the word SURVIVAL carved of ice, as a melting word poem for public sites; to Namepoems using the repetition of a first name as image. A signature, written in cursive, is a form of self-portrait.

My Alphabet of Bones is an original calligraphy inspired by the hollow bones of birds. Its 26 double characters have been digitalized and can be translated into the English alphabet as well as a symbolic code. It is my own copyrighted font or typeface that has been widely published and honored, including the award of a publication prize from the Center for Book Arts in New York City. The CBA published a limited edition of Three Cages, which was a small triangular book of unusual folds with drawn images and an original poetic text in English and The Alphabet of Bones.

Artists books are integral to my works at every level, from proposal pieces and visual documents of installations and public works, to limited editions and unique book objects. My subjects are human identity and the natural world. My themes are evolution, survival and transformation: from reptile into bird, from mammal to human, and from human, perhaps, to humane.