Guylaine Couture, “alonely”

cover page


presentation of the book open on the wall


the second sentence: “things are not going so well.”


the fourth sentence: “I would draw myself all alone standing in an empty house.”


the ninth sentence: “coming home to an empty apartment.”


Artist: Guylaine Couture (Montreal, Canada)

Title: alonely (2012)

Medium/technique(s): printer’s ink, acrylic paint, pencil, metal, laser printing on various types of paper as well as acetates and old books

Edition size: limited edition of two copies in English and one in French

Number of pages: N/A

Dimensions, open: 15.25″  x 13″ x 6,5″

Dimensions, closed: 15.25″ x 6.5″ x 1″


Artist Statement:

Alonely is a book on solitude.

I wanted to draw a parallel between the serene movement of jellyfishes and other living beings in the depths of the ocean and my difficulty to live a period of solitude. The sentences are pulled from my journal.

I did a lot of research and drawing on the ocean and what lives in it. after a few months of experiments, I developed a more personal way to do monotypes.

Alonely is not a depressing book, although the sentences are difficult, but I believe that engraving relieve the comment.

Process, process… why have I always been stuck on drawing and pasting?

On paper: New paper has always intimidated me. On the other hand, printed paper is an endless source of re-useable material.

On words: Printed words are chosen one by one, uprooted, cast aside for what they might imply. Then they’re chosen again and lined up to say what I’m thinking.

On works on paper: I harvest cast-off paper. My treasures are engraving tests, printing leftovers, failed photocopies, ruined book pages, event programs, etc.

This obsession with re-using printed material, keeping bits of photos, making the most of a word is a perpetual game for me. Starting with collage and then drawing, I try to give new life and emotion to something which began as a commercial medium.

I see huge amounts of paper and words used and abused to push someone’s message or another’s idea.

My works attempt to push us to see the potential in material which we toss aside too easily.

Re-working messages, the meaning of words and images, taking everyday communication and pushing it further – that’s my approach. I source my material everywhere, transforming
it so that my energy takes over.