Erin Ciulla, “Parole”

Full image, 26 miniature books held by artists hands. Each book 3.5 x 2.5 cm.


Detail of piece in artists hands, focus on letter W in contrast with other books, side view of miniatures.


Detail of grouping of piece in artists hands, focus on tooling on covers and side view of sewn signatures.


Detail of piece – page spread, emphasis on size of miniature books in comparison to hand size.


Artist: Erin Ciulla (Scandicci, Italy)

Title: Parole (2013)

Medium/technique(s): 26 hand bound miniature books in full leather with tooling. leather headbands, old rebound dictionaries. installation piece presented in artists hands

Edition size: N/A

Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 10 cm . Each book 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 cm


Artist Statement:

The alphabet is the first thing we learn, 26 little stepping-stones into the world of books and the knowledge and mysteries they contain. Made from a dictionary of the past, these books carve a road through words of Latin and Italian. Cradled between the earth colored letters rests the W, a letter that arrived late for the party. A breath of fresh air, something new for the ears to drink. Inside it’s wine colored cover you will travel into the third language, moving from Italian into English. With pages that had to be found in another old dictionary, the W is a glimpse of difference and a gateway into the unknown.

A world in miniature, the imagination opens as we enter the tiny world the books invoke. Imagined worlds, the world of memory, distant worlds, the world of the child. Their size unites them, but inside are glimpses of words and letters that can combine to build an endless wave of stories and meanings.

Although they are language, there is incomprehension.
Although they are unique, they can speak to each other.
Although they are diverse, they belong together

They are cradled together in the hands of the artist. Familiar and intimate, they feel crafted especially for you; the pages are hand sewn together, wrapped in soft Florentine leather and tooled to guide you through the collection. Pieces of the past gathered together and crafted into the building blocks of all stories.

An ancient nest of knowledge and history.
An intimate collection inviting you in.

You want to pick one up.

You know that it would immediately become yours.

A secret you can take with you, snuck inside a pocket.

Go ahead.