Peg Churchwell, “LuluTales Garden Journal”

Book cover


First inside page detail


Inside page detail of typewritten header


Detail of diversity of paper and texture of inside pages


Last page is a folder with linen tape closure



Artist: Peg Churchwell (Long Prairie, MN)

Title: LuluTales Garden Journal (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Collage

Edition size: N/A

Number of pages: Approx. 75

Dimensions, open: 8.5 x 11 x 1 in

Dimensions, closed: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1 in


Artist Statement:

Paper …. it has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. Paper not only offers a medium to communicate, but a tactile experience which can enhance the communication process. I think the growth of technology and social networking only makes paper and things printed more precious. As a graphic designer by trade, I have always tried to use paper to add to the message trying to be conveyed.

I am an avid recycler – some would say I’m a pack-rat. My favorite form of recycling is up-cycling, and it is in that mode that I create jewelry from old costume jewelry, fishing lures, and anything else that may cross my path. I strive to create something whimsical and unique with a sense of story. I have been working on journals for the past year and this project takes both of my passions and marries them in a complete sea of texture. Collections of old, unused paper, ephemera that is too full of history to toss out, even good old masking tape finds new life. I’m all about texture and I’ve been learning to love imperfection as the world becomes more perfect and less tactile.

This book takes recycling to an elegant yet earthy level by incorporating elements such as paper scraps, tree wrap, stitched pages, paper sacks, envelopes, tape, typewritten headings on lined sheets, and grid paper. The book contains over 75 pages upon which to write notes and plan a garden. Paste in photos and seed packets, add more pages. This book stimulates a passion for growing.