Juana Céspedes Domínguez, “Paisaje Interior”

Book cover with characters painted in black within a circle. The rest of the cover is blue and beige.


A inside part the book unfolded with the front and back covers.


Work unfolded and shown in its entirety. We see all the work done on the “inner landscape”.


A part of the inside of the book displayed with miniature characters, some black and others red.


The book resting upright on itself. The inner leaves of the book and the profile of the cover are visible.


Artist: Juana Céspedes Domínguez (Barcelona, Spain)

Title: Paisaje Interior (2013)

Medium/technique(s): Watercolor, Chinese ink, cotton rope, recycled and silk paper

Number of pages: 16

Dimensions, open: 50 x 70 cm

Dimensions, closed: 14.5 x 18 cm


Artist Statement:

My name is Juana Céspedes Domínguez, I’m a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona and I’m into watercolor painting. I paint landscapes, flowers, natural human figure, among other kind of things. I like colors and working with different materials. I work with various kind of paper, clothes, dry leaves… I’m looking for subjects related to nature, sea, simple landscapes… My painting method is between figuration and abstraction. I find my style in energy, movement, light and growing atmospheres.

My production is characterized by a constant dialogue with nature, materials, human figure, design and creation. The technique of experimentation leads one to investigate creative processes with silk and other natural materials. Within the most recent production I must highlight, on one hand, a jewelry collection made of silk, taffeta and chiffon and, on the other, the realization of a new type of art book, named “object book”.

Concerning my submission: this work is about the interior landscape. I’ve been working on it recently. On the top of it I wanted to show a head and its thoughts, ideas, sensations and obstacles. In the middle of the artwork I wanted to show the entrails, bones and muscles meaning the different ways of life. On the last part, there are trees, sea water and paths that ornament the close and personal space in which everyone retires.