Victoria Browne, “Montefiore Conca”


Artist: Victoria Browne (London, UK)

Title: Montefiore Conca (2011)

Medium/technique(s): Polymergravure and Screenprint

Edition size: 25

Number of pages: Leporello binding

Dimensions, open: 15 x 42cm

Dimensions, closed: 15 x 21 x 1cm


Artist Statement:

Edition of twenty-five, 15 x 21cm, Leporello binding and plexiglas slipcase. Polymergravures printed on BFK Rives Grey paper at the Opificio della Rosa, Italy.

The artist’s residency culminated in a video installation, series of polymergravure prints, artist’s book and collaborative performance with the musician Stefano Pagliarani.

Built in the 14th Century, Montefiore Conca’s medieval castle is an historical and cultural symbol of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Situated in the inner sanctum of the castle, Browne converted two historical museum vitrines to emulate a bank of servers emitting stark architectural motifs and embody a 21st Century sanctuary of Technology. The three-minute video loop cast luminous shadows in sync to a meditative state of contemplation. By playfully combining spiritual rituals and historical motifs with digital equipment, the installation fed a religion of Technology, inviting us to contemplate its impact on our daily lives.

The artist’s book harnessed the sun, exposing gritty tonal washes to represent a psycho-geographic journey circumnavigating the Maletesta’s 14th Century Fortress. The regional landmark was recently renovated by the Municipiality of Montefiore.