Amir Brito Cadôr, “A Night Visit to the Library”

The first spread shows books in a row, with the same baseline, like books displayed in a shelf. At left are displayed some conceptual works and at the right two books with the word “reading” in their title.


This spread shows some books with the word “poem” in their title. The right page shows the book in its actual size.


All books in this spread are blank books, but the right page shows a book with blank colored pages. That book was not reduced like the others. This time, the book in its actual size is almost the same height of a reduced figure shown at the left.


At the left, two books with the word “journal” in their title; one of them is very tiny, and it is shown with no reduction. Except some chosen books shown at their actual size, all other books has the same reduced to 40% of their original size. At the right, two books made in the same year, printed at the same place.


This is the source book used to make this one. The “index to the shelves” is a new way of arranging the books previously shown. They are grouped, like in most libraries, by genres and some arbitrary kind of classification. There are two books listed here and not shown before in this book, one of them was made by the Brazilian artist Waltercio Caldas (Livro que não sei) and the other was made by Sol LeWitt (Black Squares). Both of them have black squares in their pages. There is also a missing book in this list.


Artist: Amir Brito Cadôr (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Title: A Night Visit to the Library (2013)

Medium/technique(s): offset

Edition size: 120

Number of pages: 20

Dimensions, open: 21 x 30 x 0.3 cm

Dimensions, closed: 21 x 15 cm


Artist Statement:

Most of his books deal with the idea of the writing as an image and the collection of pictures from the history of books and the history of writing, from illuminated manuscripts to the writing tools. Sometimes, the artist appropriate the images and the layout of books that he admire. With the Andante editions, he wants to make an encyclopedic work, an imaginary library of artist’s books, with all the titles borrowed from other books.

A Night Visit to the Library is a kind of catalog of artist’s books, but like it’s predecessor, A Night Visit to the National Gallery, this book shows only their silhouettes. There are multiple readings, based on the relationship of forms or based on the selection of titles, and also based in the relationship established between the forms and their corresponding captions. They are all in the same scale, with a reduction of about 40% of their original size, except for a few titles that are shown in their actual size (that’s why you need to read all the information in this book). The layout was made thinking of books in a shelf, but there’s four pages where they are arranged like in a catalog of books for sale – because there’s always a sense of disorder in every attempt of ordering the books in a library. At least one book from the most famous artists working with this medium is present – the kind of work you find in almost all books on artists’ books, and there’s also less known titles, because they were made by younger artists. Some titles were selected by subject, some of them were put together because of their similar format. Some books are from the artist’s own library, and some of them are objects of desire.There is also an index to the shelves at the end of the book, with some titles that are missing in the previous pages.