Lynne Avadenka, “The Solutions to Brian’s Problem”

Box cover and book “pages”


All ten pages, with one page flipped, showing wood veneer backing


Detail, showing letterpress printing and pochoir


Box cover and inner tray showing colophon


Artist: Lynne Avadenka (Huntington Woods, MI)

Title: The Solutions to Brian’s Problem

Medium/technique(s): Letterpress, pochoir, wood veneer

Edition size: 20

Number of pages: 10

Dimensions, open: 6 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

Dimensions, closed: 6 1/2″ h x 4 1/2″ w x 1 1/2″ d


Artist Statement:

My art is guided and inspired by the philosophical and physical presence of the book: as repository of memory, as a vehicle for transmitting transcendent information, as a singular object binding together a multiplicity of ideas.

I often engage with classic texts, and the resulting synthesis of tradition and modernity. The mark making of printmaking (reproducible) and the hand–drawn (finite and unique) inspire my art. I explore the beauty and power of line, and the graphic essence of a letter, whether it can be “read” or not.

The Solutions to Brian’s Problem, written by Bonnie Jo Campbell, is from her National Book Award nominated collection, American Salvage. In this short story a young father is confronted with the tragic dilemma created by his wife’s addiction, and seven possible solutions are presented. I designed the book as a puzzle, with pages as puzzle pieces that the reader must put together in order to read the story and see perhaps the only, unavoidable solution.