ARTROVERT (Giuli Larsen, Hanne Matthiesen & Lis Rejnert Jensen), “The Sleeping Beast”

Front view of the book


Front view of the book (detail)


A detail of the opened book


A spread


A spread



Artist: ARTROVERT (Giuli Larsen, Hanne Matthiesen & Lis Rejnert Jensen) (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Title: The Sleeping Beast (2012)

Medium/technique(s): mixed media, carton, photos (manipulated)

Edition size: N/A

Number of pages: 20

Dimensions, open: 19 x 100/145 x 26 cm (approx.)

Dimensions, closed: 19 x 28 x 4 cm


Artist Statement:

It is a traditional accordion style book made by Artrovert, a Danish group of mixed media artists meeting on a regular base to create original artists’ books.

In this work Artrovert reflects on the less nice sides of our human nature. When feelings take over and we tend to forget – or give up – our more cultivated behavior. When we feel angry, sad, inferior, lonely. When instincts take over – or when we face our more basic needs.

We all contain a lot of darkness, jealousy and unpleasant behavior. Sometimes the unconscious part of us is just waiting to show some of its ugly faces. At least we all know situations where we have behaved less than our best.

Maybe a way to deal with the darkness is to bring it out into the open – and laugh out loud.

We think that working on this piece has actually helped us release some of the beastly thoughts.